How I can Help

How Much Does It Cost

Fees are negotiable, and this will be discussed fully at the initial (free) session

Most therapists are women, aren’t they?
Aren’t they better at this sort of thing than men

It’s true that most members of our profession are women. But many people, men and women, have had very difficult early experiences with a woman (often their mother), and actually feel safer with a man. Conversely, you may feel that men have always been the scarier sex, and you’d like to shift that perception in yourself, by working through those sorts of feelings with someone like me. I have worked successfully with women who have had the most profound and prolonged suffering at the hands of men. My view is that a therapeutic relationship with a man who is NOT abusive can be the most powerful remedy of all for women who have grown up in constant fear of men.

I can talk to a friend.
Why go to a psychotherapist?

Your friends may be a big help, and they are often indispensable while you are going through a therapeutic journey, but there is something about the stance of the therapist that can allow you, the client, to access feelings that you never thought you had. Your friends may not be entirely dispassionate, either: it may (unconsciously) suit their own interest to have you stay longer in that deeply–damaging relationship; on the other hand, they may be over-eager to have you out of it!

How Do I Know If You Are Any Good?

Have an initial free session.

I'll spend up to an hour with you, and together, we'll do an assessment of your life; have a full discussion of what's troubling you; discuss your concerns and anxieties about the process.

If you feel you’ve been listened to with some empathy, intelligence, warmth, and possibly even a bit of humour, then that might be why you want to stay. If not: it doesn’t matter – the choice is entirely yours.

What's the difference between a Psychotherapist, a Psychiatrist
and a Psychologist?

Psychotherapists are trained to work in a one-to-one setting with you and your feelings. We work with you in 50-75 minute sessions. Many psychotherapists have a qualification in psychology. Others may come from a background of writing, or of teaching or social work. Generally, psychotherapists have experienced major setbacks in their own lives which they have been able to process in their own therapeutic journey. It is frequently the psychotherapists own therapeutic journey that inspires him or her to train as a therapist himself.

Psychiatrists are medically-trained doctors, who have specialised in the last year of their training in the treatment of mental health problems. They are allowed to prescribe drugs. They tend to see any one patient much less frequently than do psychotherapists - although some psychiatrists do train, additionally, as psychotherapists. Psychiatrists generally work in hospital or clinic settings.

Psychologists are people who have a psychology degree. They may work in industry: for example in advertising; in research, for example market research. Some psychologists are trained to work clinically with individuals in a therapeutic environment.